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This morning we surprised Bill Ryser with the Giant Eagle Class Act Award! Mr. Ryser is the principal at Girard High School and has always been a good friend to WFMJ Today. You can watch us surprise Mr. Ryser next Wednesday on WFMJ Today. #teacher #principal #education #girardhighschool #girard #girardohio #gianteagle (at Girard High School)

Students use 3D printing lab at Kirkmere Elementary School http://www.wfmj.com/story/23520528/students-use-3-d-printing-lab-at-kirkmere-elementary

This morning Mark Monstrola surprised Mr. Lampe from East High School with the Giant Eagle Class Act Award. Mr. Lampe has been teaching for 47 years! You can see the surprise tomorrow morning on WFMJ Today!

Giant Eagle Class Act saluted Shari Zackasee from Taft Elementary in Youngstown, OH!